Industrial Technology Education:

A series of units in Production Technology, Transportation Technology, Communication Technology, and Energy Utilization Technology. Each unit will cover the resources, technical process,industrial applications, technological impact and occupations encompassed by that system.

Computer Aided Drafting I:

Designed to provide students interested in a career in drafting, with information and experience needed for the development of job-related competencies.

Computer Aided Drafting II:

Continues the learning began in Computer Aided Drafting 1 and emphasizes the areas of performing presentation techniques.

Graphic Arts I:

Provides learning experiences common to all graphic communications occupations.Planned activities will allow students to develop technical skills related to graphic arts. Students will use various software to publish the school yearbook,and school sports programs.

Graphic Arts II:

Provides learning experience related to tools, materials, processes and practices utilized in the printing industry. Instruction is provided in design, layout, paste up and copy preparation. Students will also learn Industrial safety. Provides the student with experience in the use of photographic equipment, development of photographic negatives and prints. Learning experiences are designed to allow the student to acquire job entry skills and knowledge. The printing of the district is handled in this class.


Designed for the students interested in exploring the variety of careers associated with the television industry. This course will be a study and application of multimedia methods and practices. Students will learn graphic design, radio and TV. Broadcasting and production, asset design and technical writing.

Cabinetmaking I:

This course teachs safety, design cost estimating, material selection, machine woodworking, and finishing of cabinets. Students gain knowledge in reading blueprints, methods of jointery,finishing methods, selection and installation. A variety of woodworking machine tools will be utilized with the table saw, radial arm saw, jointer, and band saw being a few. Students will demonstrate their abilities to measure, cut, sand and assemble cabinets. A major piece of home interior furniture will be constructed

Cabinetmaking II:

This course is designed to expand on the previous course

Interrelated Coop:

This course is designed for junior and senior students interested in pursuing careers in the various occupations. Students may be released from school for their paid cooperative education work experience and must participate in weekly related classroom instruction. Classroom instruction focuses in providing students with job survival skills and career exploration skills related to the job and improving students abilities to interact positively with others. Written training agreements and individual student training plans are developed and agreed upon by the employer, student and coordinator. The coordinator, student and employer assume compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.