Algebra IA 220 

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grade)

Algebra IB 221 

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grade)

The topics of Algebra are presented in a slower pace over the period of two years.

Algebra I 201

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grades 9-12)

A solid foundation of algebra topics is developed in this course. Simplifying algebraic expressions, solving algebraic equations, factoring, coordinate and plane geometry and problem solving are several of the topics taught in this course.

Algebra II 202 

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grades 10-12)

Prequisites: Algebra I

This is a continuation of the first year Algebra I course, in which students learn to solve more complex problems. The students learns to solve second degree equations by factoring or other methods. Real and imaginary numbers and other advanced concepts are introduced. Geometric Concepts and Trigonometry will be introduced and explored.

Geometry 212 

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grades 11-12)

Prequisites: Algebra II

This course offers the basics in geometry with the emphasis on deductive reasoning, geometric relationship, coordinate geometry and measurements of geometric figures. Trigonometry is introduced. The course includes a strong emphasis on proof.

Algebra III 203 

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grades 11-12)

Prequisites: Algebra II

Algebra III provides students planning to go on to college a good basis for college mathematics. It includes analytic geometry, trigonometry, complex numbers, and the probability. Students who plan a major in engineering or any science related field will be required to take several advanced mathematics courses. Other fields of study are also depending more and more on math analyze problems.

Pre-College Math 204 

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grade 12)

Prequisites: Algebra IA, IB, and recommendation of administration and math instructors.

This course is only to students who are not successful in Algebra I. The objectives of this class are to further the student's computational skills and use of these in every day problem solving; each section is to review skills and then use these skills in solving word problems designed to exemplify situations students will encounter in adult life.

Basic Skills Math 211

(1 sem, .5 cr) (Grades 7-12)

This is a remedial level course for students who fall into the category "does not meet" for the state standards, or who has significant difficulty at their grade level.

Computer Science I 205

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grades 11-12)

Prequisites: Algebra II or current enrollment in Algebra II

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of computer programming in the BASIC language. Students will learn to write programs with an emphasis on good logic and program design.

Computer Science II 206

(1 year, 1 cr) (Grade 12)

Prequisites: Computer Science I

This is the second course is done mainly as independent study. The emphasis of the course is learning structured programming using Visual Basic, a language used forprogramming in Windows environment, and computer hardware.