What are we doing in Biology?

In Biology I, the students are working on genetics and protein synthesis. In a few weeks they will be taking their exams. Right now in Biology II, the students are working on Earth Science. In a few weeks they also will be taking their final exams.

Chemistry (8th hour)

**PREREQUISITE: Biology I, Biology II, and Algebra I

This is an introductory course dealing basically with inorganic Chemistry. Laboratory work is done when permitted and experiments are handed in. Problem sets are many when the topic requires them. Tests are comprehensive and could be challenging if good notes are not taken. Chemistry is for the student with high interest in science and/or a future in the scientific and allied health fields.

Physics (5th hour) 

(1yr. 1cr.) (Grades 11-12)

Physics is a study of the physical world around us in order to understand how things work. This course looks at mechanics, light, heat, work and other areas and relates them all to energy. Understanding energy and the problems the world faces pertaining to energy is a major goal of the course.