Julie Wollerman, Regional Superintendent of Schools, in conjunction with the technology specialists and
integrationists of 20 school districts in the region are pleased to announce two “Tech Nights” for area
students. These events are geared towards helping students and parents pick the right technology
needs for beyond high school. Area colleges will be speaking on the technology needs of their
campuses. A demonstration on tech etiquette will be presented to help our young adults (and parents)
better steer clear of social media pitfalls. Vendors will also be available so attendees can see different
models and brands available.
The first event is scheduled for April 12 at Pana High School. The next event is scheduled for April 19 at
Effingham High School. Both events will begin at 6:30 and wind up by 8:00 pm. We hope this free event
will help our families make informed choices.