Dieterich High School Trap Team Competes at Nationals

A big weekend for the Dieterich High School Trap Shooting Team as they participated in the National High School Trap Tournament. 

The tournament was held Friday through Sunday in Mason, Michigan. Each event was a two-day competition with a qualifying round the first day and the championship round on Sunday. Each round involved 100 targets. For the individual competition, the top 400 participants advanced and for the team competition, the top 80 teams advanced to the championship round.

173 teams took part in the team competition. The cutoff score to advance was 447 of 500. Dieterich qualified to advance with a score of 468 of 500. The squad then finished 30th with a 929 of 1,000 score over two days. Dieterich was the highest-scoring Illinois team at the tournament.

1,273 students took part in the individual competition. The cutoff score to advance was 94 of 100 with a seven-reverse run. Austin Heuerman finished 581st with a 92 of 100 score, Briar Schmidt was 697th with 90 of 100, and Tyler Elmore was 1,089th with 88 of 100. Other team members are Ethan Kidd and Lucas Hall.